Ethical Brands for the Conscious Fashionista


Recently I’ve decided to make the switch to only shopping from ethical brands (if you are curious to know what that means read my recent post “Ethical Fashion Explained.”)

(Also, I would like to note that because I’ve recently decided to make this switch you will still see clothing items I previously bought from non-ethical companies in lookbooks and OOTDs.)

Anyways, while I’ve known about the horrors of the fashion industry for a while, I felt limited where I could shop. The only ethical companies I knew of were way out of my budget and I wondered what is a fashionista on a budget supposed to do?

Well, I’ve done my research and throughout time, I’ve compiled a list of companies and brands perfect for the conscious consumer that refuses to compromise style for morals.


ASOS Marketplace

I’m sure we all know and love ASOS, my old go-to website for buying all the latest trends from their huge selection of brands at an affordable price. Unfortunately, ASOS does not produce their clothes ethically, however, they do have a seperate part of their website called “ASOS Marketplace.”

What is ASOS Marketplace? ASOS Marketplace describes their site as the “home to the hottest new brands and vintage boutiques from around the world.” ASOS Marketplace allows for independent designers and sellers of quality vintage clothing to sell their clothes online to buyers.

Some of my favorite independent brands and sellers are:

Sisterhood: “Eco friendly clothing full of sass”

Sisterhood’s clothing is all made from eco-friendly fabrics and their packaging is only made from recycled paper so, as they say, “you can give your eco conscience a break.”

A lot of their clothing reminds of stuff you can find at Reformation, simple and vintage inspired,  but at about half the price.


Dreaming London: “Roses are red, violets are blue, our garms are wavey and so are you.”

Dreaming London specializes in handmade items from from clothes to bags and glasses,  all with a wow factor that won’t stop heads from turning.

Some of my favorite items on sale now are:


YapYap: “fabulous threads made by us <3”

YapYap is a top rated seller on ASOS Marketplace, featured on the front page of the site. All their clothes are made by the “yapyap crew” in Manchester, UK as they say “made with love, passion, and damn good stitching.” YapYap has a wide selection of items to choose from when shopping from their site.



Purrrshop’s is a LA based company whose garments are all made from quality vintage clothing and “dead stock” fabric. Purrr’s clothing has a strong japanese influence that became an underground brand for Hollywood girls, professional dancers, artists, and musicians.

Purrr specializes in “set ups” or “co- ordinates” that I will definitely be purchasing once summer rolls around.



Unif or “Ur not in Fashion” was originally created by Eric Espinoza who started out as a Hollywood DJ that found his way to making clothes. Known for it’s 90’s grunge aesthetics with underlying sarcastic tones such as putting tees for sale that say “jesus saves, I spend,” Unif is known for being worn by the coolest blogger chicks out there. What seals the deal for my love of Unif’s darker approach to fashion is that all their clothes are made in Los Angeles and as they say in their Instagram bio “it might not be cheap, but we don’t mass produce, so it’s special.”


Revice Denim

Revice prides themselves on producing the best quality denim possible to bring back superiority of American Denim that was once prevalent 40 years ago. In their about page on their website, Revice explains how they noticed the denim industry was quickly becoming disposable as fast fashion brands were ruining the quality and careful creation process of denim. Instead of following the mainstream, Revice denim decided to value quality over mass quantities, producing only small runs for each style, allowing consumers to buy limited edition items for prices they love. And not only this,  Revice produces hundreds of styles that aren’t “your average pair of  jeans” perfect for fashionistas and trendsetters.

Reformation: “Being Naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re #2.”

Reformation is probably the most well known of all the ethical fashion brands that exist today. Worn by Taylor Swift, Karli Kloss, and Vanessa Hudgens, the sustainable brand has almost built a cult following through celebrities and bloggers seen wearing their clothes  with the help of social media. Their website states, “We source sustainable fabrics and vintage garments while incorporating better practices throughout our supply chain to make beautiful styles at a fraction of the environmental impact of conventional fashion.”


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