Haulbook: Goodwill Outlets

Each outfit in this HaulBook features at least one item that I purchased on my little shopping spree to Goodwill Outlets.

Outfit 1: The Sheer Top


Styled with faux suede shorts, tights, and black studded booties.

Outfit 2: The Houndstooth Crop Top


This top used to be a knee length dress, which I cut into a fun crop top perfect for parties, concerts, or any night out. Here, I styled it with black high waisted jeans also  from Goodwill Outlets.

Outfit 3: The Corduroy Crop


What used to be a corduroy blazer, is now a crop top great for any casual day out. Styled with the same black high waisted jeans and Dr. Marten’s.

Outfit 4: The Denim Skirt, Flannel, and Studded Belt


I’ve been wanting a short denim skirt forever, and luckily as I was rummaging through the bins at Goodwill Outlets I came across a floor length, yes floor length, denim skirt which I immediately knew I  could chop to look exactly like the skirts seen in retail stores. I styled the skirt into more of a grunge look with a flannel, studded belt, and Dr. Marten’s.

Outfit 5: The Blue Plaid Skirt and Wedges 


I instantly fell in love with these wedges when I saw them, as they reminded me a lot of something you could see being sold at UNIF. I styled them with this blue plaid mini skirt (plaid being a huge trend right now)  which I also cut shorter, and a white turtle neck crop top to complete this preppy schoolgirl look.

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